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Luxury Catamarans

Catamaran sail yacht charter - Exercise your heart, without breaking your bank account.

COMFORTABLE, STABLE, SPACIOUS, PRIVATE and AFFORDABLE. The modern Catamaran does all of this.

Catamaran Charter – If these are the words which excite the passionate vacationer, then you may wish to consider a private Catamaran Sail Yacht Charter vacation next year. Even if you have no previous experience sailing, we can put you in touch with recent guests who felt the same as you do. This is a private cruise ship just for your family, which is opposite from a cruise ship vacation. No crowds, no standing in line for food, no standing in line to go ashore, no more stuffy cabins! Just your family or group relaxing on a spacious deck letting your skin be kissed by the sun while reading a book on a floating sun mat.

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Today the World’s most luxurious catamaran is KINGS RANSOME a 10 guests 5 cabins high-end luxury catamaran. Click here for more on Catamaran Kings Ramsom.

Only Kings Ransom and he sister catamaran has walk-around beds in all cabins, just like a hotel, this is not found in any other catamaran, but in luxury power boats 125 feet and larger. This Virgin Island sail yacht is designed for royalty. We have catamarans from the smallest to Douce France 139 feet by 56 feet wide we have your one stop Boat charter shop.

This Caribbean catamaran vacation EXPLODES in your mind forever!

catamaran - Sence the MagicWhatever you desire, solitude or action, it is all here. Snorkel, scuba dive in tropical water, water ski, kneeboard, windsurf, enjoy a sea kayak, explore an uninhabited tropical island or shop at a local village surrounded by coconut palms.

This is a magic carpet ride in a fantasy world where mermaids and dolphins play. As Captains, we refer to the Virgins as “Peter Pan Land” for adults!

Personal chefs provide gorgeous cuisine which plays a calypso with your taste buds. World-class cuisine supplied by hand-picked crew ensures gracious living in hideaway lagoons. Imagine a vacation holding you spellbound for 7 days! You can see all the islands scattered around you all the time, so most sails are just one hour. The Virgins are knows by the world’s sailors as the “Mecca” of sailing in the world.

Catamaran Charter: Know what women want on their vacations!

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Why has this Caribbean catamaran charter spread across the travel industry in the Caribbean like an out of control wild prairie fire? This catamaran yacht charter adventure has taken 8 years to make its mark with the passionate traveler. This boat charter vacation has won the hearts of all. Here is a vacation that gives women what women want! Comfortable, spacious, stability, unparalleled quality, with their own Captains and crews teams to serve them. Double the space on deck as well as inside, each equal queen cabin, each cabin boasts full en-suites which have private toilets, private showers and wash basin for each cabin. A state of the art kitchen and a huge lounge inside, with cockpit outside to relax. Women want these air conditioned creature comforts of home, and only the stable comfortable modern catamaran has these new features.

This catamaran charter provides women with the knowledge that their whole family can have fun onboard this comfortable creation. Everyone in the family can snorkel all day long from the rear deck of their new catamaran sailing “apartment”. Collecting shells on footprint-free beaches can be done by the whole family, and exploring uninhabited tropical islands can also be done by the whole family. Relaxing onboard your private yacht is a plus for the whole family, and so is dancing under the palm trees at night to the sounds of a local steel band. Women know that families who play together STAY together! Why do some vacations just explode into life? Details. Details are that special ingredient which makes a super vacation “magnificent”. Plan all your vacations during the full moon. IMAGINE at 11pm the moon splashing silver across your calm lagoon illuminating the nearby islands, plus you can see each grain if sand on the seabed 15 feet below. We simply plan your sail yacht vacation better than any other company in the world.


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