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A sail yacht charter vacation is designed to accommodate your every wish. What youo, and where you go on vacation is totally up to you. At Sail yacht charter we will provide your with all the necessary information so you can achieve the maximum pleasure out of your vacation in the most efficent way possible.

Nothing is written in stone; these are all ideas for you to gather for your adventure. The knowledge of your broker will greatly affect the quality of your vacation without you knowing it. Now is your information gathering period, and it is your broker who provides 90% of the information about where you are going. A glossy color cruising guide is complimentary to all our groups, and this has a lot of juicy information with which to expand your knowledge of the islands. This book complements the information provided to you. Take it with you during your journey. The very idea of a private yacht charter is for guests to select where “they” wish to go. There are no fixed itineraries or regimental times to do anything on board your private yacht. As you know, the first question your captain will ask is, "Where do you guys wish to go?"

You can change direction at anytime during your vacation as well, so the world is your oyster; go and have fun. You are in the hands of people who know these islands well, and they are great crew. Everything is designed just for you; grasp each moment with both hands and savor these special times.

Below is a list of sample itineraries to give you an idea of what you may do in the various locations. This is just a guide, so feel to plan your own itinerary.

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